Patrick Mahomes - Huddle

Quarterback Leadership

As the Quarterback, do you know whether you have what it takes to become an effective leader, the kind who inspires teammates and makes things travel in a positive direction? The answer lies somewhere between the character qualities of you – the individual person, and  your performance on the playing field.

As the starting Quarterback, you will get the opportunity to lead your team and prove you can handle the pressure it takes to play the position with production. Earning this opportunity to lead , you will be held accountable. Accountability is measured by your coaches, recognized by your teammates and tested by the fans and media. Expect to find this test awaiting you after every touchdown pass or QB turnover. 

One test of leadership surfaces when a QB must come to the sideline after adversity strikes. How do you handle yourself? Are you resilient? What effect do you have on your own teammates who play defense?  Will they rally around you following an interception? The answer is to keep your head high and posture strong as you come off the field, find your coach and take responsibility with the assurance that your offense will score on your next possession. Your teammates will be watching you and your confidence matters. This is Quarterback leadership! 

Another Leadership quality of a Quarterback is genuinely caring about your teammates. Reaching out to one player at a time and allowing your teammate to know that you do care about him as an individual. Can you accurately list a personal interest or position skill for each teammate on your team? Your teammates are going to respond to someone who cares about them. Once this relationship is established, your teammates’ commitment to the team and the team’s goals is on fast – forward.

An intangible Leadership trait that is most important is your Quarterback IQ ….are you quick – minded and open to learning ? It was said about the great Joe Montana, that one of his best attributes was his willingness to always be receptive to learning , even after achieving his All – Pro status and three Super Bowl MVPs. 

When you are called upon to lead your team , do it with all the passion and commitment you possess. Remember that every teammate deserves to play with a Quarterback who “believes in him.” This is the essence of Leadership!