Quarterback Analysis by Coach Terry Shea                    

Bo Nix is a quarterback from the University of Oregon, who is preparing for this month’s 2024 NFL Draft. Bo put together two dominant winning seasons for his College Team -The Oregon Ducks. What made him different from many of the other draft eligible College players, was that he chose to play in the 2024 Fiesta Bowl with his Oregon teammates, while a high percentage of other college players chose to bypass their respective Bowl Games and watch their former teammates compete. Displayed by his decision to play along side his teammates, Bo demonstrated his Genuine Leadership. 

As stated by the TV commentator of the Fiesta Bowl following the final  45 – 6 score in favor of Oregon over an undefeated Liberty team, ” Bo Nix is a leader illustrated by his decision to play in a Bowl Game to finish his College career, unlike many other College players who bailed out on their teammates. He goes out as a Winner with the Heart of a Champion.”

Football players, unlike NFL Scouting Personnel and Cable Sports airheads, recognize commitment in a leader and this commitment starts from the heart. It is told that in the Kentucky Derby, the winning horse effectively runs out of oxygen after the first half – mile, and he goes the rest of the way on heart. The great Triple Crown Champion, Secretariat, was found to have a heart – double the normal size of most thoroughbreds in the sport of Horse Racing. With the sport of Football, it is said that you can measure a player’s height, weight and 40 speed, but you can not measure the size of a player’s heart. The last time I checked, the NFL has not found a way to measure the heart of a NFL Draft prospect.

I have spent my entire professional life coaching football. During these years, I have gathered the knowledge and experience to lead several football teams to Conference Championships. During this journey, I have learned that to be a successful leader at the Quarterback position, you have to be smart, tough, determined and visionary. These character traits can be found in Bo Nix. Yes Quarterback Skills play a major part in a QB’s profile and Bo checks that box. As a dual threat QB, Bo has a high release point, a tight spiral that equates to a catchable ball, quick release when challenged inside the pocket, plays on proper time with rhythm to his 3 – 5 – 7 step drops, and plays the game with his “Eyes Up.”

While coaching in the NFL for eight seasons, I learned that a QB’s routine is paramount to his consistent success. Bo has also established this profile trait as he played his final season as a married player and this feature can generate the routine that a QB must bring to his daily and demanding in-season NFL schedule.

All the NFL evaluators need to observe is how Bo played the QB position vs top college competition. From his freshman season at Auburn to his final Bowl Championship as an Oregon senior, Bo NIX set the all time College record for “61” games played and an all time NCAA single season completion percentage of 77% – Highest ever in FBS History. These on – field achievements coupled with how Bo conducts himself with “rarified class” during an interview – sharing all his individual success with his teammates and coaches, makes for a “First Round” NFL Draft Pick.