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About Coach Shea

Key Highlights


Coach Shea has coached at both the college and NFL levels for more than 35 years.

Shea served as QB coach for the KC Chiefs, Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Rams. As the QB coach at KC Chiefs and Miami Dolphins, Coach Shea coached NFL All-Pro Trent Green.

Shea also served as the Offensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears.


Shea served as the assistant head coach and offensive coordinator under Bill Walsh at Stanford University

Shea was the Head Football Coach for San Jose State where he won the National Collegiate Coach of the Year and Rutgers University where he won the Big East Coach of the Year.

Shea has also coached at University of Oregon, Utah State at Cal Berkeley.


Shea developed & trained Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterback Robert Griffin III (Baylor) for the NFL Draft. RG3 was the overall #2 NFL draft pick by the Washington Redskins.

Shea developed & trained NFL first-round, #10 overall draft selection Blaine Gabbert (Jacksonville Jaguars).

Shea developed & trained overall #1 NFL draft pick Sam Bradford (St. Louis Rams).

He prepared the #1 overall NFL draft pick Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions).

Shea trained & developed NFL first-round draft picks Josh Freeman (Tampa Buccaneers) & Brady Quinn (Denver Broncos).

Coach Shea has always enjoyed working with and developing quarterbacks outside his official coaching capacity. Coach Bill Walsh asked Shea to help him start the NFL Europe Quarterback/Receiver Passing Camp. He developed his reputation as a mentor and teacher for the quarterback position, coaching at the major college Division 1A level for more than two decades and at the NFL level for 8 seasons. He recently elected to offer training opportunities for young aspiring quarterbacks.