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Coaching the Men With the Nerve to Play the Most Challenging Position in Football

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Leading the Way in Quarterback Excellence

Coach Terry Shea launched QB Score, which serves as a QB Development Organization. Coach Shea is a longtime NFL and college coach who is a coaching disciple of Bill Walsh, Dick Vermeil, and Marty Schottenheimer.

When it comes to quarterback development, Coach Shea has a singular mission: To provide the highest level of quarterback training, instruction, and mentorship. Coach Shea’s passion is developing the talents of youth, high school, and college quarterbacks, helping them reach their full potential on and off the field.

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The Magic of "Eyes Up"

One of Coach Shea's main offerings is his book, "Eyes Up." This exceptional resource is crafted to read like an intimate conversation between a quarterback and his coach. "Eyes Up" not only teaches the intricate components of playing the quarterback position but also serves as an inspirational guide. It's designed to energize quarterbacks, coaches, parents, and football enthusiasts, inviting them to embrace the art and magic of playing quarterback.

Coach Shea's Proven Path to Success

Our commitment to quarterback development goes beyond the pages of a book. Coach Shea also offers private training lessons for aspiring college and NFL quarterbacks. His impressive coaching resume includes Heisman Trophy winners like Robert Griffin III and Sam Bradford, Super Bowl Champion Matt Stafford, and numerous other NFL quarterbacks. Coach Shea provides flexible training options, including weeklong experiences and long-term, consistent programs. While he typically trains NFL and college athletes, he's equally available to nurture the talents of high school-aged athletes.

Join us at QB Score and be part of a winning legacy.

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