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A Quarterback’s accuracy is the most critical skill that leads to a QB’s production — both inside and outside the pocket. “Strike Point” accuracy is the ability to locate the football at a spot on the receiver when he is in full stride — maximizing his yards after the catch. This QB skill only develops when he takes ” hundreds of reps”  throwing to “moving” targets. If a quarterback does not throw with accuracy, an offense is forced to create routes for a more stationary target which can limit explosive plays for an offense.

A Quarterback must be able to create with his feet — to make plays inside the pocket or on the run. Several great exercises to improve footwork are : Jumping rope and improving the number of crossover steps in the 10 second QB Quick Step Drill. The time for these exercises can be mastered in the off – season.

Several other QB attributes include features that are not addressed enough in Quarterback development :

The hands of a QB are his tools that lead to ball security and proper ball handling. Large hand size is a plus, but a QB must work to develop hand strength and strong wrists. These added qualities produce the quick separation of the ball off the passing hand, contributing to a quicker release.

Another obscure feature is a QB’s voice quality. How defined is his voice under center or in the shotgun position ? A QB must be heard by his offense up and down the field, but especially in the Red Zone, where the game noise increases.  The further an offensive player is aligned from the center snap, the more difficult it is for him to hear the QB’s communication. A Quarterback can develop a more confident voice by taking speech classes or lessons. He must understand that his voice inflection comes from the diaphragm.

Finally, there is a Quarterback’s passing mechanics. Are they fluid, smooth and consistent ? Of the Quarterbacks I have personally worked with, Matthew Stafford possessed elite mechanics — he has the same rhythm on every throw and the ball jumps off his hand with instant velocity.